The War for the Free World

Frank Gaffney:
“When the history of this era is written, it will be clearer than it is now what steps made a difference in the course of the present, global conflict ? the War for the Free World [...]
The House of Representatives this week has an opportunity to make another, very positive contribution to the history of this conflict, of which the Iraqi front is but a part. It is scheduled to debate legislation that would begin greatly to diversify the energy resources used to power America?s transportation sector. Today, that sector is almost entirely dependent on products (gasoline and diesel) derived from oil.

“Since much of that oil comes from places that are, at best, unstable and, at worst, downright hostile to us, our continued dependence on that single commodity ? President Bush has famously called it an ?addiction? ? is not just foolish. It is strategically perilous to pay hundreds of billions of dollars each year to, among others, people who are trying to kill us. ”

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