Senator Lieberman calls to set America free

in his recent NY Post editorial:

“Our dependence on oil is sapping America’s inde pendence. We must diversify the fuels that power our nation, or risk ceding our nation’s power to rulers separated from us by a world in geography and by centuries in values.

“Oil recently hit a record high above $75 a barrel and is expected to keep climbing. Fifty-dollar fill-ups have become routine. But couple the already tight global oil market with the fact that much of the world’s oil comes from countries that are unstable or hostile to America, and you realize that our economy and national security hang upon tenuous strings.

“Our dependence on oil means that royals in Saudi Arabia, rebels in Nigeria, mullahs in Iran or Venezuela’s anti-American President Hugo Chavez all have an outsized power over our nation’s destiny and international relations. We are just one well-orchestrated terrorist attack or political upheaval away from an overnight price spike to $100 a barrel that would send the global economy tumbling and the industrialized world scrambling to secure supplies.

“[...] The growing global dependency on oil endangers our nation. Failure to act will leave us a pitiful giant, like Gulliver in Lilliput, tied down and subject to the whim of smaller nations who have oil.

“And the outrage is that we will have given them the ropes and helped them tie the knots – for solutions are readily at hand.

“It is time to set America free. Cutting our dependence on oil will strengthen our security, preserve our independence, and energize our economy. “

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