Unhelpful distractions

There’s a reason the Set America Free blueprint has focused on the 80% of solutions to reducing our oil dependence that everyone can agree on rather than going for the options that have put politicians at loggerheads for years. Today a bill was introduced in the Senate purporting to provide a so-called “grand compromise” by combining increased domestic drilling with increased CAFE standards. A cursory scan of Florida papers today offers a prime illustration of why policies that are controversial don’t end up making progress but just serve as an unhelpful distraction:

“Like a monster in a horror movie that has been shot, stabbed and blasted into oblivion, the specter of drilling close to Florida’s shores is rising from the dead once more to lunge for a state that thought it was safe.

Sens. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and Larry Craig, R-Idaho%2

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