Did you get a big heating oil bill?

High oil prices mean big home heating bills. Here are some tips to help you save oil and money - click on the links for details: Seal air leaks - make sure your heated air isn't literally flying out the door, window, or fireplace. Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is going. Keeping the damper open is like keeping a window wide open during the winter; it allows warm air to go right up the chimney. Weatherize windows Open draperies and shades on southfacing windows during the day to allow sunlight to enter  and close at night to reduce the chill from cold windows. Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing - they pull heated air out of your house. Beef up insulation Set thermostat as low as is comfortable. Make sure your heating vents are not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes. Cut your water heating bills. Lots more tips here.

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