“Gusher of Lies” Author Chickens Out of Debate

On March 25, I challenged Robert Bryce, author of “Gusher of Lies,” a book saying we don’t need to do anything for energy independence, to public debate. He accepted the same day. The Set America Free Coalition immediately stepped forward and offered to host a debate in Washington DC at the end of April. However, today his publicist called me to say that he was chickening out of the DC debate. She said he couldn’t make it to DC. So I offered to meet him in NYC instead. Not possible. Chicago? No. Denver? No. Los Angeles? No. I offered to travel to any other city to do the debate at any place of his convenience. She answered that he could not make it there, either.
So for now, the “Gusher of Lies” continues, in hiding from refutation.
The challenge remains open.
Robert Zubrin

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