Blood and oil

There is a genocide in process in Sudan. The Islamist Arab regime of Sudan, via the Janjaweed militias, has been murdering, raping, and enslaving its way through the country. First it massacred 2 million Christians and animists, and now it has set its sites on the Sufi Muslims. The murdered are black.

Sudan is a critical oil supplier to China. In turn, China provides weapons and cover to the Sudanese regime – a coveted U.N. Security Council veto on any attempt at sanctions.

Nicholas Kristof writes:
“China is now underwriting its second genocide in three decades. The first was in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the second is in Darfur, Sudan. Chinese oil purchases have financed Sudan’s pillage of Darfur. Chinese-made AK-47s have been the main weapons used to slaughter several hundred thousand people in Darfur so far, and China has protected Sudan in the U.N. Security Council [...]

“the Arab League…met last month in Sudan, in effect legitimizing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims (almost all the victims in Darfur are Muslim) [...] And where’s the Arab press? Isn’t the murder of 300,000 or more Muslims almost as offensive as a Danish cartoon?

“The biggest obstacle to forceful action is China. The latest outrage came a few days ago when the United States and Britain tried to impose the most feeble possible sanctions ? targeting just four people, including a midlevel Sudanese official. China and Russia blocked even that pathetic action.

“Why is China soft on genocide?

“The essential reason is oil. China traditionally was self-sufficient in oil, but since 1993 it has been a net oil importer, and it is increasingly worried about this vulnerability [...]

“About 60 percent of Sudan’s oil flows to China, and Beijing has a close economic and even military relationship with Khartoum. A recent Council on Foreign Relations report on Africa notes that China has supplied Sudan with small arms, anti-personnel mines, howitzers, tanks, helicopters and ammunition. China has even established three arms factories in Sudan, and you see Chinese-made AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns all over Darfur.”

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