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Jim Woolsey and Anne Korin have an article in the fall 2008 issue of MIT Innovations titled How to Break Both Oil’s Monopoly and OPEC’s Cartel, buy zovirax no prescription. Online buying zovirax hcl, An excerpt:

The reality is that neither efforts to expand petroleum supply nor those to crimp petroleum demand will be enough to materially address America’s strategic vulnerability, although they can help on an interim basis with such issues as the effects of our huge balance of trade deficit, zovirax from canadian pharmacy. Zovirax over the counter, But such solutions do not address the roots of our energy vulnerability: oil’s monopoly in the transportation sector as the reason oil is a strategic commodity. This monopoly gives intolerable power to OPEC and the nations that dominate oil ownership and production over the consuming nations’ economies, where to buy zovirax. Policies that only perpetuate the petroleum standard, doing nothing to address the lack of transportation fuel choice, would therefore guarantee a worse future dependence on the oil cartel as the non-OPEC nations’
share of the world’s oil reserves and production further shrinks, cheapest zovirax without prescription. Buy zovirax online no prescription, Not long ago, technology broke the power of another strategic commodity, buy no prescription zovirax online. Where can i find zovirax online, Until around the end of the nineteenth century salt had such a position because it was the only means of preserving meat. Odd as it seems today, where can i buy cheapest zovirax online, Zovirax price, coupon, salt mines conferred national power and wars were even fought over control of them. Today, comprar en línea zovirax, comprar zovirax baratos, Order zovirax from mexican pharmacy, no nation sways history because it has salt mines. Cheapest zovirax without prescription, Salt is still a useful commodity for a range of purposes.We import some salt, so if one defines independence as autarky we are not “salt independent”. But to most of us there is no “salt dependence” problem at all — because canning, fast shipping zovirax, Rx free zovirax, electricity and refrigeration decisively ended salt’s monopoly of meat preservation, and thus its strategic importance, purchase zovirax. Zovirax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, We can and must do the same thing to oil. When the British Navy made the shift from coal to oil, buy generic zovirax, Buy cheap zovirax, then First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill famously remarked, “safety and certainty in oil lies in variety and variety alone.”To diminish the strategic importance of oil to the international system it is critical to expand the Churchillian doctrine beyond geographical variety to a variety of fuels and feedstocks, order zovirax from United States pharmacy. Buying zovirax online over the counter, Ensuring that new cars sold in the U.S. and, purchase zovirax online, Online buy zovirax without a prescription, by extension, the rest of the world, order zovirax no prescription, Kjøpe zovirax på nett, köpa zovirax online, are platforms on which fuels can compete will spark a competitive market in fuels made from a wide array of energy sources, thus breaking oil’s transportation fuel monopoly and eventually stripping oil of its strategic status.
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