Slow down and check the details

Alan Boyle at MSNBC’s Cosmic Log writes:

Anne Korin, who is co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and chair of Set America Free, has a different kind of worry: In the rush to pass a stimulus bill that makes billion-dollar bets on future energy technologies, some of those bets may end up being misplaced.

Like Cantor, she pointed to the vehicle purchase plan as an example. “When you look at that, that may on the surface sound good, but the devil is in the details,” she said. Would the vehicles have to be purchased before the next generation of plug-ins hits the market? Should the money go toward buying the whole vehicle, or should it be stretched out to cover only the extra cost of going with the greener technology? Should the tax breaks being given for new [plug in] hybrid vehicles be extended to plug-in conversions as well?

“It would be desirable to slow down and make sure there’s a chance to actually analyze these expenditures,” Korin said.

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