The Rise of the Aerotropolis

This is quite an interesting article about how “how major airports are beginning to drive business siting and urban development in the 21st century, much as highways did in the 20th, railroads in the 19th, and seaports in the 18th.” Bottom line conclusion: “To date, Aerotropoli have evolved largely spontaneously, with existing nearby development often creating arterial bottlenecks. In the future, strategic infrastructure planning could reduce this congestion. Dedicated expressway links (aerolanes) and high-speed rail (aerotrains) could efficiently connect airports to business and residential clusters near and far. Special truck-only lanes could be added to airport expressways, as could improved highway interchanges to reduce congestion [...] Constructing ground transit and locating commercial facilities consistent with the form and function of the Aerotropolis will contribute substantially to the emerging needs of business and to the future competitiveness of urban areas. ”

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