Ingenuity and lemonade

Josh Meyer writes in The Evening Bulletin: “The U.S. needs to deal with terrorism in a way that won’t bankrupt us and will lead to a brighter future. [former CIA director James] Woolsey gave a short history on ingenuity in America. It’s what we as a nation are good at. American ingenuity has brought about things like Coca-Cola and the Internet. Woolsey is a founding member of the Set America Free Coalition. In this age of such strong partisanship, the Coalition has successfully brought together an unlikely group of Hawks and Enviros, staunch conservatives and liberals. [...]This is one issue that can bring a divided nation back together. The War on Terror doesn’t have to be so grim. We just have to hit the terrorists’ Achilles’ heel. We have lemons (oil-funded terrorists) … let’s make lemonade (an energy-independent nation)!”

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