How Saudis suppress free speech in Canada

A Canadian newspaper publisher called Ezra Levant decided to publish the Danish cartoons in his newspaper, irking a radical Saudi trained imam. That imam, who has called for the imposition of Sharia – Islamic law – in our northern neighbor has utilized a Kafka-esque government entity called the “Canadian Human Rights Commission” — think of it as the Candian version of the Saudi Mutaween, aka the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice — to investigate the publisher for exercising his fundamental right to free speech in a way that a radical Muslim perceives as offensive. Essentially, this imam is using the Canadian Human Rights Commission to enforce radical Islamic speech codes.

The clips below of the interrogation are a must see for anybody who cares about the preservation of our freedom.

Ezra Levant’s opening statement at the interrogation:

The interrogating bureaucrat on the hunt for a thought crime:

If you would like to support this brave man’s fight for our inalienable right to free speech, you can do so at his website

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