A quarter of the Senate says: “It’s time to set America Free”

Kudos to the 25 cosponsors of S.2025 – The Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act who just sent the following letter to Senators Frist and Domenici, urging action on the legislation:

“Skyrocketing oil prices have brought a renewed national focus on the problem of
U.S. dependence on oil. Our exclusive dependence on the global oil market,
which is dominated by foreign exporters, is sapping America’s power and
independence, while the steep rise in international demand for oil threatens to
heighten international tensions and undermine global stability. Under these
conditions, a well-orchestrated terrorist attack or political upheaval could place
even greater strain on the oil supply chain, rattling the global economy and
igniting a dangerous race to secure oil supplies.

“Although there are immediate steps the Congress can take to ensure that
consumers are not being taken advantage of at the pump, there is no magic wand
the government can wave to make oil prices drop. The high gas prices we are
facing today can only be addressed by a serious, long-term effort to reduce our
dependence on oil.

“According to news reports, you are currently working on legislation to address
high oil prices. We urge you to include our bi-partisan legislation, that has been
cosponsored by twenty-five Senators, S. 2025, the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for
American Security Act, in its entirety as part of your legislative package. Our bill
sets aggressive, yet achievable, targets to reduce U.S. dependence on oil. Senate
bill 2025 provides tools to meet these targets by improving the efficiency of
vehicles and increasing the production and use of biofuels. It includes new
approaches for manufacturers, the federal government, scientists and consumers,
all designed to encourage greater energy security.

Addressing our dependence on oil is a challenge that we can no longer ignore. It
is time to set America free.
Therefore, we intend to offer S. 2025 as an
amendment and insist on a vote during the upcoming energy debate, if it is not
included in the base bill.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Evan Bayh
Sam Brownback
Joe Lieberman
Norm Coleman
Ken Salazar
Richard G. Lugar
Barack Obama
Lincoln Chafee
Johnny Isakson
Daniel K. Akaka
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Christopher J. Dodd
Herb Kohl
Maria Cantwell
Daniel K. Inouye
John F. Kerry
Blanche L. Lincoln
Jack Reed

(to see the PDF file of the letter with signatures, click here)

Are your Senators on board yet?

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