Plug in for America

Luft in the SF Chronicle:

“The president should impress upon [the CEOs of the Big Three] that a federal bailout, similar to the 1979 move by Congress to save Chrysler, is not an option. But should they decide to manufacture vehicles that enable fuel choice, electrify transportation and embrace plug-ins, Congress and the Bush administration would provide the necessary help.

“The Fuel Choices for American Security Act, bipartisan legislation which would provide the autos with incentives to retool production lines to produce hybrids, plug-ins and flex-fuel cars and consumers with tax incentives to purchase these cars, is already before Congress, co-sponsored by 25 senators (surprisingly, neither of California’s senators is a co-sponsor) and 76 representatives. In order to jump-start an initial market, the president should prod Congress to move this bill forward, and also commit to substantial incorporation of such technologies into federal, state and municipal fleets. But all this requires the industry to decide to help itself and focus on developing a technological edge over its competitors while giving American motorists new products that redefine their expectations.

“The president’s and Congress’ message to Detroit should be: Plug in for America and America will keep plugging for you. ”

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