Electric world

Plug in for America:

Norwegian electric-car company Think Global plans to bring its five-seat crossover concept vehicle, called the Think Ox, to the U.S. market as early as 2010, said Don Cochrane, the company’s U.K. sales and marketing director.

The car, which will have a top speed of about 85 mph and will be able to drive for about 125 miles on one charge, has been designed specifically with the United States in mind, but will also be sold internationally, he said.

Think Global is also considering making a plug in hybrid:

Cochrane added that the company also is considering adding a serial hybrid powertrain, which would pair the electric motor with an engine that uses fuel to give the vehicle unlimited range.

Remember: hardly any US electricity is generated from oil, so driving on electricity, whether in a pure electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid means not driving on oil. And the best of all worlds is a flex fuel plug in hybrid. Bring it on, automakers!

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